Why Men Don’t Propose

We see it everywhere. They’ve been together for years.  She really wants to get married but he’s still not proposed.  Everyone’s wondering when it’s going to happen and why he is delaying things.  I am going to look at two common reasons (more…)

When EVERYONE’S getting engaged!

If you struggle, or have struggled, with being single, you’ll know there are certain situations, and certain times of the year, which are particularly hard, and where our hearts are especially susceptible to being deceived. It’s important to recognise that there’s nothing wrong with finding things hard; let’s be real and honest (more…)

How to NOT pursue men

Should women ask men out for coffee or call them up?  Should they be the first to bring up marriage or post pictures of the two of them on Facebook?  In the article ‘Should women pursue?‘, I argued at length why I think it’s better for women to let men lead and pursue, but what behaviour can be classified as pursuing and leading? (more…)

Compulsive Comparison Syndrome

Do you ever catch yourself looking at a girl thinking, “Wow she just seems perfect in every way, I wish I was more like her”? Or maybe you have caught yourself speaking to someone about their problems, thinking “Thank God I am not as all over the place as her”. Sophie de Witt (author of ‘Compared to her’) names this constant (more…)

Give men a chance!

Lots of Christian women, if they admit it or not, would love to marry an alpha male. When we look at the animal kingdom, the alpha is the individual with the highest rank in his particular community. Often he will be the male who is the strongest and best fighter as well as the most attractive and powerful. Many of us women, if we were honest, when confronted with a group of men will feel the strongest chemistry towards the guy who is the most physically attractive,  (more…)

“You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you”

‘You’re nobody ’til somebody loves you’ goes the chorus of the latest single released by X-Factor winner, James Arthur. What a wicked, rotten, destructive lie! Have you bought into it? Do you at times feel as if your value and worth is directly related to the amount of male attention you get or to your relationship status? Do you (more…)

God’s Way for Romance

What a groundbreaking, paradigm shifting book! Stuart’s basic premise is that having “relationships” before marriage, ie. coupling up/having boyfriend/girlfriends, is not God’s way. That our relationships culture undermines (more…)

Purity Is Possible

Pornography, sexual fantasy, lust, erotica…all male struggles, right? Wrong. Okay, there can only be a tiny number of Christian women who wrestle with such sins? Wrong again. According to Helen Thornes book, Purity is Possible, all of the above are very much issues for the Christian women. She quotes a 2006 survey by ChristaNet that found that around 20% of Christian women view porn regularly. (more…)