Women and their infatuations

Have you ever met a guy, began to daydream about him and soon become totally into him when he has never had any clear conversation with you about his interest? Have you then reached the point where you can’t get him out of your mind and have happily repeatedly fantasized about being with him or being married to him? I would argue that such behavior is potentially dangerous and a waste of our time, energy and emotion! Here are a few reasons why: (more…)

Is he a good match for you?

What would you think of me if I told you that I met my husband while drunk in Las Vegas and married him that very evening? Crazy, irresponsible, foolish? Would you be surprised if I told you that we soon realized we had nothing in common, fundamentally disagreed on nearly everything important and are now really struggling to make things work? Probably not! My point? It’s not wise to choose to marry a stranger while drunk! But how many of us would willfully let love stir up and awaken (more…)

Pre-Engagament, 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Why, oh why, are so many of the pre-marital counselling resources written for individuals who are already engaged?  Biblically, a bethrothal (engagement) could only broken with a certificate of divorce and thus engagements were permanent and binding.   (more…)

Your future ‘other half’ (It matters whom you marry)

Any unmarried woman, whether being romantically pursued or not, needs to read this book!  ‘Your future other half’ started as a blog post that ended up going viral.  I can see why.  Rebecca VanDoodewaard takes a unique, wise, insightful and very necessary look at what women should be considering when being pursued by a man. (more…)

Eternity Changes Everything

Our view of the future affects how we feel and act in the present. Stephen Witmer excites us about where the world is heading, gives certainty about where we as individuals are heading, and thrills us about how eternity really does change everything in our daily lives.  (more…)

The Heart Of Singleness

I thought the heart of singleness was absolutely fantastic. Any woman who is struggling to enjoy her singleness or see it as a gift will be thoroughly helped and encouraged by this book! Andrea is beautifully honest and open with her own struggles (more…)

Voddie Baucham on dating

Voddie Baucham is an American pastor, father of 9 children and has some very, very challenging teachings on relationships and dating. Here are 10 thought-provoking quotes of his from different sermons and interviews (more…)

Compared to her

Compulsive Comparative Syndrome. Sophie says we all suffer from it. You think you don’t? Well, do you ever look at a girl in a shop and think: Wow I wish I had her… ? Or do you ever see a sister struggling with sin and think: Good that I am not struggling like that? Sophie calls this CCS and compellingly shows in her book how we all suffer from it. She explains that Compulsive (more…)